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Gyeon Certified Detailer

If you're looking for a Gyeon Certified Detailer You Can Find Our Selection Of Gyeon Ceramic Coating Services Here At James Mobile Detailing. We Apply A Selection Of Gyeon Q2 Coatings and Wax. As Car Enthusiasts and Professional Detailers Gyeon Exceeds Are Expectations In Performance, Quality and There Cutting Edge Ceramic Coating Technology Matched With Their Freedom Of Choice Warranty Its A No Brainer Why We Use and Stand By There Products.


Gyeon Q2 Flash Evo

Starting at $950

Life Span 3-10 Years

​Q² Flash EVO is a unique single layer coating. Its fast curing formula allows application under various conditions, including outdoors. It provides chemical and UV protection to any paint. It also offers great self-cleaning and hydrophobic properties for easier maintenance. Q² Flash EVO is a warrantied coating with a base lifespan of 3 years. Maintain your Q² Flash EVO coating with us and extended its lifespan to 10 years.

GYEON LeatherShield

Interior Ceramic Coating Package

Starting at $350

James Mobile Detailing Offers Complete Interior Protection Against Spills, Blue Jean Transfer, UV Damage and Stains. 

We Use A Combination Of Leather Shield, Fabric Coat, and Trim Protectant For The Ultimate Protection.


Gyeon Q2 Complete Coverage Package

Starting at $1850

Looking To Completely Protect Your Vehicle?  We have the solution! ​

We Thoroughly Detail Exterior and Interior Followed By applying a ceramic coating to the following surfaces Paint, Glass, Wheels, Trim, Leather, Fabric. 


Freedom Of Choice Warranty

  • Choose 3 Years Or 10 Year Warranty Terms On Flash Evo

  • Register Online at

  • Follow Gyeon Maintenance Rules and Enjoy Years Of Protection and Ease Of Maintenance 

Contact James Mobile Detailing Today To Learn More 336-260-3174

  • Do ceramic coatings protect against scratches, swirls and rock chips?
    No, a ceramic coating will not prevent scratching and swirls unless maintained correctly. PPF (Paint Protection Film) is the only way to protect against rock chips and mechanical damage.
  • What Are Ceramic Coatings?
    It’s a liquid that transforms into a solid, transparent and highly self-cleaning protective layer once fully crystallized. You’ll find different types of coating depending on their properties and applications - but the majority of them are based on active ingredients and solvents. GYEON coatings are based on SiO2 (silicone-dioxide) or fluoro-modified polysilazanes.
  • What do ceramic coatings protect against?
    Ceramic coatings can be applied to Paint - increases gloss and prevents oxidation caused by UV rays Glass - helps with wet weather visibility and bug removal Wheels - prevents brake dust from adhering to the surface as fast Trim - prevents fading and discoloration caused by UV rays Leather - prevent absorption of body oils, lotions, sun screen and jean dyes Fabric - prevents stains and dirt build up
  • Why are ceramic coatings better than wax?
    -Ceramic coatings bond with the surface and can only be removed with abrasives (polishing) -Ceramic coatings normally last years not months like waxes and sealants. -Self cleaning properties means the car will get dirty at a slower rate
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    We accept cash, credit cards as payment. Note that there is a credit card processing fee added to services paid with a credit card.
  • Hard Water Spots Prevention
    We use a water deionizer during the rinse stage to effectively filter out hard minerals to provide us with a spot free rinse.
  • How do I know what package my vehicle needs?
    If you do not see a package that fits your needs, we can be reached at 336-260-3174 to set up a free in-person consultation. In this consultation we will go through the options we offer that will best fit your vehicle maintenance needs!
  • Paint Enhancement vs Paint Correction
    Paint Enhancement Is typically a single stage polish recommended for newer vehicles that might have swirled paint, light water etching and maybe a few scratches here and there. Paint Corrections are recommended for heavily swirled paint with deeper scratches and oxidation that will take more than one stage of polishing to remove. Usually a compound stage is performed before polishing to help level scratches.
  • How Far Do You Travel?
    We are able to travel anywhere within the state of North Carolina. However, traveling outside of our normal 30 mile radius from Burlington, NC will add an additional charge (travel fee) to your service. Please Contact Us via Phone Call ( 336-260-3174) To Book Services Outside Of Our 30 Mile Radius.
  • Am I Able To Drop Off My Vehicle?
    The following services are currently available for drop off appointments: -Interior Details -Paint Correction -Ceramic Coatings -Brake Caliper Painting -Wheel Polishing
  • What is your preferred method of contact?
    Our preferred methods of contact are phone calls and text messaging. Direct number is 336-260-3174 Text and Email are best for after hour questions so we can reply at our earliest convenience! When leaving voicemails, text messages and emails please leave first and last name so we can distinguish one customer from the other!
  • Do I need to provide a water and power supply?
    Our mobile units are outfitted with a water tank and generator to allow us to detail your vehicle where ever our services are needed.
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